In attendance: Hanny, Jenny P, Jenny W, Lauren, Gabi, Bryce, Julia, Lea


Absent: None

  • YaWHOI Guide - Lea
    1. Wiki has superceeded the YaWHOI guide. Okay to remove the YaWHOI guide?
    2. Yes, send out links to new Wiki so everyone has access to it.
  • Open House updates – Lea and Jenny W
    1. Jenny W – Pending CBC dinner reservation. Sunday’s activity will be separate from EAPS. Thought there are three overlap students.
    2. JP student will spend the first half hour in a separate room to avoid hearing the EAPS admin introduction.
    3. Jenny W trying to organize some lab tours for AOP&E
    4. Gabi will meet kids at Inn at the Square when they get in.
    5. Show up at Grumpy’s on Monday!
    6. Party on Tuesday, show up! At 4 FR Lillie.
    7. Agree to give them some funds for snacks? Yes, $100.
    8. Clean up after party!
      1. Plenty of drivers signed up.
    9. 23 students coming
    10. Breakfast is 9 am – Reps are invited
  • Steinbach Scholars – All
    1. Voting on the nominees for Bio
    2. Nominations for at-large in process.
    3. Send out reminder emails.
  • Another lunch with Mark Abbott in planning - Gabi
    1. In May
    2. Sign up!
    3. Funding for this?
  • GSC Reps – Gabi
    1. Eshann and Chris Kingsley will be our GSC reps
    2. Let’s make this an unofficial position for reps, like the Kayak Czar? They need to be “elected” for the position by the JP reps.
    3. Add it to the documents with the responsibilities and instructions for other reps. - Hanny
  • Website – Gabi
    1. Megan should update it to include Eshan and Chris as GSC Reps
    2. And add Gabi as the Open House person
  • T-shirts – Gabi on behalf of Megan
    1. They will be here next week.
    2. Some have voiced that they would have wanted subsidy for the t-shirts. The t-shirts also ended up being cheaper than expected.
    3. Should we send out poll about how much ppl would want subsidies in general for other swag and stuff? Vs using money for events.
  • On a side note
    1. Would be good to remind ppl that you are able to apply for money for swag and other instruments, i.e. coffee makers, etc.
  • Accreditation Team - Lea
    1. Team lunch is on the 22nd.
    2. Meeting on the 21st at 11 am – Jenny W will fill in for Gabi.
    3. A meet the bio students seminar in April. Could I submit for funding for snacks?
    4. Could also ask JCBO to fund it, but since budget would be fairly small it doesn’t necessarily matter…
    5. Would WHOI be interested in him giving a talk?
    6. How to plan this?
    7. Might want to start with the information office person (Joanne).